3,000+ transactions

Structured insurance for over 3,000 transactions

We are experts on all aspects of M&A insurance. The team has been at the forefront of developing the insurance market's approach to insuring transaction risks for many years. W&I policies in most markets around the world, for example, are the result of W&I insurers adopting innovations originally brought to the market by RCA.

  • Warranty & Indemnity

    Warranty and Indemnity (W&I) insurance is a contract for a buyer or seller to transfer risk of financial loss from a breach of the seller’s…

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  • Contingent

    Contingent liability insurance is a bespoke solution designed to cover specific known risks that would likely be excluded under other forms of insurance. A contingent…

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  • Tax

    Tax liability insurance enables a taxpayer to either reduce or eliminate financial loss arising from the tax treatment of a particular transaction, investment or other…

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  • Environmental

    Environmental liability insurance covers companies for financial loss arising from the known or unknown pollution events and contaminated land. The policy provides long-term protection against…

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