Risk Capital Advisors (RCA) is an independent, global market leader in all aspects of M&A insurance. Focused on structuring insurance capital to mitigate or eliminate risks associated with M&A transactions, including warranties and indemnities, tax liabilities, litigation, environmental liabilities and other contingent risks. 

Established in 2011, with a combined 80+ years of team experience, covering M&A legal advisory, underwriting and entrepreneurialism. RCA is a trusted adviser to corporates, investment funds, law firms and M&A professionals, with a strong industry reputation for personal and tailored levels of service. 

Long-standing, senior-level relationships with all the specialist M&A insurers means that RCA can deliver not just solutions for its clients at the time of a transaction, but also highly effective claims management and advocacy.

The RCA Story

Our Solutions and Process

We are experts on all aspects of M&A insurance. The RCA team has been at the forefront of developing the insurance market’s approach to insuring the risks associated with deals for many years. W&I policies in most markets around the world, for example, are the result of W&I insurers adopting innovations first brought to the market by RCA.